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This is a website about seeing history in today's Europe. Look around: Europe's history is everywhere.  

Europe today:

 The Neptune Fountain in Munich Germany
Munich: Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain)

Traveler Measuring Globe in Vatican Courtyard, the Vatican, Rome
The Vatican

  Calvary Presbyterian Lectures:
"The Roman World at the Time of Christ" Nov-Dec 2016

 Presentation: The Roman World. Seniors Group of 15 Nov 2016.pdf

Lecture 1: Life in the Roman World. 19 November 2016.pdf

Lecture 2: Cities and Ephesus. 04 December 2016.pdf

Lecture 3: Lesser Beings in the Roman World: Women, Children, and Slaves.  11 December 2016

Lecture 4: Roman Religions.  18 December 2016

Family touring Ari Pacis Augustan Altar of Peace, Rome Italy

Rome: Ari Pacis, monument from Ancient Rome

Residents shopping in  Bologna Food Alley, Bologna Italy
Bologna: Food Alley
  Runners in the Rain at the Berlin Marathon, Berlin Germany
Berlin: The Berlin Marathon
Mirella Gausti Statue in Bologna Italy
Bologna: Bronze Girl by Mirella Gausti

  Bicyclists at the castle, Munich Germany
Munich: Schloss Nymphenburg
Young people at Oktoberfest Warm-Up, Munich Germany
Munich: Oktoberfest Warm-up
  Young woman bike rider, Munich Germany
Munich: Bike Rider

The View of the Duomo from  the Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence Italy
Florence: The View from Piazzale Michelangelo.
  German Couple at the Frankfurt Open Air Jazz Festival, Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt: German couple at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival.

Florence Italy Michael R Middleton Apartment LivingFlorence: Apartment Living   Young man student in front of Humboldt statue, Humboldt University, Berlin Germany Berlin: Student, Humboldt University
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